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The chemical industry is a leading business in today’s world. Producing a vast range of substances that are used in just about every field, chemical companies produce products that are used throughout the world. Raw materials like oil, metals, water and natural gases are used to produce an assortment of chemicals. The main types of chemicals that are produced are basic chemicals, petrochemicals, fine chemicals, life sciences and consumer chemicals. Plastic is an example of a basic chemical and both plastic and rubber account for a large part of the industry. A petrochemical stems from hydrocarbons like petroleum as well as fertilizers. A fine chemical, also called a specialty chemical, can be a sealant, adhesive or coating. A life science chemical includes products that are used in health and medical industries. Consumer chemicals are those that are sold to consumers, like soap and makeup.

It takes several steps to convert raw materials into chemicals that are safe for use. Mainly, the materials have to be processed and refined to first get them to their purest form. If a tiny part of the material is not in its pure form, the final chemical could come out completely wrong. This is why measurement and accuracy play such huge roles in the chemical industry. To complete the process, substances undergo chemical reactions to make sure they have the correct end result.

The chemical industry is extraordinarily huge and produces hundreds of millions of tons of chemicals every single year. This industry is an integral part of our economy and effects many other industries as well. Industries that rely heavily on the chemical market include pharmacies, manufacturing for consumers, cosmetics and automotive companies. There is such a demand for chemicals that many companies rely on around-the-clock production from chemical companies located around the world.

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CCI provides on-going support for a major transmission plant in the Midwest on a scheduled and on-call basis.  This work is performed in conjunction and coordination with the plant’s operations and maintenance team in order to insure continued, high quality operation of key components.  CCI responds to in-plant emergencies to restore plant operations as quickly as possible.  CCI’s participation in the management of this facility assists in providing quality products for the plant’s customers.

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CCI has provided fluid removals, equipment cleaning, and residuals management services for equipment and related piping systems in advance of the removal (strip-out) of the equipment at a former automotive plant in Ohio.  Also, depending on project scope, CCI provides cleaning of pits and trenches as necessary in advance of, or during, equipment removal.   In execution of this work, CCI operates in close coordination with the Owner’s site, engineering, and environmental representatives.  Effective strip-out preparation provided by CCI helps reduce equipment demolition timing and helps maintain project cost and schedule.

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To support Owner developed demolition specifications, and regulatory requirements, CCI addressed the universal wastes, residual chemicals, and surface cleaning of a former auto plant in Michigan.  The objective of this pre-demolition cleaning is to remove hazardous materials so that the demolition can occur without impacting other media.  This pre-demolition cleaning also maximizes recovery and recycling efforts by reducing surface contamination and avoiding the disposal of valuable construction materials.

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In support of rehabilitation of an abandoned auto plant in Michigan, CCI provided post-demolition cleaning of concrete surfaces; including slabs, pits, and trenches. This effort not only provided a safer work environment, it also facilitated backfilling and other rehabilitation activities.

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