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Decommissioning & Facility Support

Specializing in industrial cleaning and waste management, including waste disposal and lead abatement

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Hydro Excavation (HX)

Hydro Excavation uses pressurized water and vacuums suction to safely and quickly excavate utility lines, pipes, conduits and more.

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Wet & Dry Vacuum Services

Also referred to as enhanced fluid recovery, is primarily used on underground storage tank sites that are leaking. Vacuum services can remove products including groundwater and soil vapors.

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Industrial Cleanup & Remediation

Above and underground storage tank removal, sludge removal and cleanup to OSHA safety and standards guidelines.

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"I have utilized Cleaning Contractors Incorporated (CCI) to perform various industrial cleaning duties within an industrial manufacturing plant of which the company I work for operates under a facility management agreement. CCI performs in a safe, efficient manner. Their cost and quality continue to include them as a valued supplier for me. I would recommend CCI for any industrial cleaning need. I would be willing to discuss in specific detail any concerns or questions you may have regarding potential opportunities for CCI. "

JJon C. Brach, Account Manager | Newmark Grubb Knight Frank

"I am in the process of closing out the GM Shreveport job and want to applaud Cleaning Contractors Inc. for your support with this project, I appreciate working with a flexible, motivated and cooperative group, and though this project was not without its challenges we were able to complete the entire scope of work in a safe, effective and efficient manner. Your team under the leadership of Scott Woodward completed the entire project with ZERO SAFETY incidents, maintained a great work ethic, a clean and orderly work environment and positive attitude. Again thank your team for their efforts on this project, they did a great job! I look forward to working with CCI again."

Phil Rodgers, General Manager | Rickman Enterprise Group, LLC